Tuesday, June 6, 2017


After 34 years of marriage, a majority of couples have had an empty nest for years, and have gotten used to the new normal of just the two of them.

We have been married 34 years and have 4 offspring still left in the nest, the youngest of these is 12 years old. It will be a long time before we know what it's like to be on our own.

Still, we are at a point where the kiddos need us to do less and less for them.  (It is very weird cooking for 4!)

We are learning how to be a couple again.

With an idea I gleaned from my cousin (she had done a 40 day journaling experience using Bible verses the Lord lead her to) we have a new date-night plan.

I found these soft cover journals at Staples.  On Friday nights, after dinner, we head to the Adoration Chapel and spend some time.  We sit apart so as not to impede the prayers and thoughts.  

I've often had people tell me that they sit in the chapel and ask the Lord to show them a verse to pray with.  I have tried it in the past but have been too impatient (or dull) to get anything out of it. 

Well, two weeks in a row I have been to lead to verses He wants me to ponder. Wayne, too, has had the same blessing.  

I tend to get books instead of verses so I figure God has a lot to say to me. 

We each write out the verse(s) we receive in prayer and then add a prayer or our own thoughts about how the verses speak to us. 

When we get home we exchange books and read aloud what the other has written.  It is a beautiful time and is making a huge difference in our communication.  

Dear Cuz,  you know who you are. Thanks for sharing your journey and leading us to this wonderful new date-night gift.