Sunday, March 13, 2016

#amillionformegan FUND RAISER

I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all who had anything to do with Megan's fundraiser today:

Amber and Beth are at the top of the list.  The hall looked beautiful, the food was great, the and cheerleaders that were helping were a very friendly and hard working group!!!

Szegeti's  Catering
The Yost Family
Canfield Center

I would also like to say thank you to all those who donated silent auction items, raffle items,  and bake sale items.

A huge thank you to all who attended the Mass that was prayed for Megan before the fundraiser and to Fr. Jim for celebrating the Mass and for offering a beautiful blessing at the dinner.

And the biggest thank you to the over 400 people who came to eat, socialize, hug, and support Megan and her family.

All the photos were taken from Facebook.  I can't label them because I don't know all of the people in them but thanks for sharing!!

From my brother:

I would personally like to thank everyone for showing up to pray for Megan and my family. The amazing gifts of all of the hard work and cards, expressions of love. My prayers are offered up for each of you.

#amillionformegan UPDATE

Today I witnessed a beautiful, overwhelming outpouring of love for my dear niece, Megan.

That's the next blog.

This blog is just an update about what has been going on.

Megan went through several rounds of chemo and then had a scan to determine if the chemo therapy is working.

This is the outcome of the follow-up doctor's appointment, in Megan's words:

Treatment Update:
Today my doctors decided that the chemo was not doing enough. While the tumor is softer, growing slower, and I am no longer in any pain, it is still slowly growing. At this point, the doctors believe our best bet is to stop chemotherapy and schedule surgery to remove the tumor. On March 24, my doctors will try to remove the tumor completely. Based on imaging, the tumor does not look to be connected to or intruding any of my organs or blood vessels, but we will have 6 other specialized surgical teams available just in the event of any worst case scenarios. At this point, the imaging also shows that the cancer has not spread anywhere else in my body, is clear of my lymph nodes, and I am otherwise very healthy! Hopefully after surgery and some possible post-operation chemotherapy/radiation this wild ride will be just another crazy and rare medical story in the Schroeder family past. Thank you all for the prayers and helping my family and myself during this time. I'm blessed to have such a strong community and support group. I can't imagine having to do this on my own and I'm so grateful to have you all to lean on.

I feel that the timing of this surgery, Holy Thursday, is no accident.  We will be in the midst of the holiest week of the year.  God is in control, and there are way more than 15,000 of you praying for Megan.
Please keep them coming.  She needs everyone and every one!!!