Friday, August 26, 2011

A Popsicle Stick and a Prayer

In the fight against abortion, prayer is the number one weapon you have. For some it is the only weapon. How do you make your prayers more fruitful? You personalize them.
Bishop Fulton Sheen penned a prayer for the spiritual adoption of unborn children:
“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph we love you very much. We beg you to spare the lives of the unborn babies that we have spiritually adopted who are in danger of abortion. Amen”
Short but powerful. So, how do you personalize it? Name your baby. Commit to pray for a child you have named for nine months. At the end of nine months, choose another name. You will only know at the end of your life how many babies your prayers saved.
In my family, we try to make it a little more tangible and easy to remember to pray. On a piece of construction paper, folded in half along the short side, the above prayer is taped near the fold. On the bottom we attach a Popsicle stick for each member of the family. Each person writes the name of their adopted baby on a stick and we have a little nursery of unborn babies for whom we pray. Write the start date and the date nine months from that date (the “due” date), hang it in a prominent location, then pray. In this way you take part in the movement to end abortion, not only in our country, but also throughout the world.