Sunday, October 9, 2016


I was so blessed to be able to attend the wedding of my nephew and Godson, Brian, to his beloved Carly.

It was rainy and wet outside, and it was wet inside too, as many of us wiped tears from our eyes when Carly's dad walked her up the aisle and then gave Brian a 30 second embrace before giving away his daughter.  There is clearly a bond between Brian and his new father-in-law!  (I was too busy drying my eyes to get a photo!)

At the very beginning of the Nuptial Mass, Fr. John pointed out that this was an arranged marriage. God has had it arranged from the beginning of time.

To say that God is part of their relationship is putting it mildly.  He is the backbone, the Love, the Grace that makes this couple so beautiful.

After an amazing ceremony, we were off to the reception.

Family is what it's all about!  My beautiful nieces. 

Because the main lights were off, and only the dance floor had good enough light to read by, these two got comfy with their books while waiting for dinner to be served.

The meal was fabulous and the dancing was fun. The floor was full of twenty-somethings dancing three different dances in three different groups all at the same time.  So much energy! 

We were in for a treat after dinner when Carly played her guitar and sang an original song that she wrote especially for Brian.  Again, more tears. 

The rain finally stopped but not before magnificent photos were taken by their very talented photographer.  One of the photos got the number one spot HERE

I pray for God's blessings on these newly weds and send them my love.