Friday, September 9, 2011

There is no Hectic in Heaven

When my dear one and I were engaged to be married we received a packet of "important information" from the priest who was facilitating our marriage preparation. In the packet was a prayer for engaged couples.

Back then, my memory still worked and so I memorized the prayer and have continued to say it to this day.

One of the lines in the prayer says, "In these hectic weeks, help us to laugh when small plans don't work out, and make us willing to support each other in real problems."

Every time I pray this part of the prayer, it occurs to me how very few non-hectic weeks we've had since our engagement. First there was wedding planning which coincided with finished up the semester's work at school. Three days after the wedding I was out pounding the pavement, so to speak, looking for a job so we could afford to stay in our very inexpensive apartment.

Not long after our first anniversary, our first child was born and my dear one started a new job which kept him away long hours.

Twenty-eight plus years later, things are still hectic but a lot more fun with 9 children to fill up our home and keep us up worrying at night!

One of the things heaven will bring is no hectic. I cannot imagine being able to ponder the face of God with no interruptions; no dinner to cook or a phone ringing, no schedule pulling me every which way. There will be no dog messes to clean up, no carpet installers, no gas prices to worry about.

I'm happy to say we've learned to laugh when small plans don't work out, and we support each other in real problems. And we will help each other to get through the hectic of this life on a wing and a prayer until we reach our heavenly reward of non-hectic.