Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pedestals are for Statues

Have you ever watched someone from afar and thought they were just amazing? How do they accomplish all that they do? They look pulled together, their children are well behaved, they do this or that so easily. Why can't I be like them???

When we only watch from afar and put someone on a pedestal, we may be missing out on a great friendship borne from shared joys, sorrows, frustrations, accomplishments.

I know I'm guilty of doing just this. I watched a now friend, from afar for years. She and her husband had a big family. They were all sweet and smart and holy and so far from where I was that I could only look on in awe.

Well, once I got to know them, I found out they weren't so far from where I was, nor was I so far from where they were. Some of their children had issues, as some children do. The job situation was sometimes precarious. They had moments of fear and frustration, not just all rosy, as I assumed when they were out of reach.

We can only know someone by taking the time to talk to them. We should never assume that someone has it all together and hold them so aloft in our minds that we miss out on really getting to know them. There could be a great friendship just waiting to happen.

So, save the pedestals for the statues, and make it a point to meet those that inspire you by what you see in them. You may find, as I did, that they could use your friendship and your prayers.