Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Back of the Cross

While on my Bitter Sweet Retreat, the priest leading the retreat talked about gazing on the crucifix and contemplating Christ's love for us.


As He hung in His bitter agony, each one of us was on His mind.  That is what kept Him alive for three long hours hanging between heaven and earth: us.  That is Love. 

Father encouraged us to also look at the back of the crucifix.  

What do you see?  Empty space. 


He suggested that the empty space is for us.  

When we are suffering, we can place ourselves up on that cross and share our suffering with Christ.  

Suffering differs for each person experiencing it, but it is always a gateway to grace, if we allow it to be.

Jesus has His arms outstretched for two reasons I believe.  The first is that they are open to God's will for Him.  He did not die curled up in a ball, hiding His face.  He died, arms outstretched, saying here I Am,  Father, doing Your will. 

The second being that when we are suffering and in our own agony, if we place ourselves on the back of the cross, Jesus' arms are outstretched in a defensive position.

I like this image;  a crossing guard standing on the corner, arms outstretched, keeping the school kids from walking into traffic. 

So don't worry:  HE'S GOT YOUR BACK.  

Call on Him.  Let Him protect you from despair, anger, depression and the desire to give up.  Give Him your suffering and let Him give you His love. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

So Grateful

How do I say "thank you" to over 14,000 people who have viewed this blog, shared it, and prayed for my niece Megan?

How do I say "thank you" for the retweets of #amillionformegan?

Your prayers, your shares, your cares mean so much to my whole family and we are so grateful for each and everyone of you.

We are also grateful for the people you've asked to pray who do not show up in the count.  Because, every prayer helps.

The road has begun.

I'm told it will be a long journey.  I have no doubt.

However, with each prayer prayed, with each Mass offered, with each thought of Megan, we are all uplifted and made stronger.

Our faith is strong and will remain so.

Megan has created prayer warriors--over 14,000 strong!

The only appropriate way to say thank you is for me to now pray for you.  I will add your intentions to my daily Mass intentions.  May God bless you all abundantly for your efforts and love.