Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"I Can Do All Things. . ."

A trip to the doctor showed that my cholesterol was creeping a bit too high.  This was also a pretty lazy winter, despite the pretty nice weather we had (or maybe because of it!)

I got tired of sitting around waiting for something to change.  I said to my dear one, one day, "If I don't start moving, I'm going to die. "

The next day we joined the gym.  It has been six weeks of progressively more intense (not that lifting 30 pounds is all that intense but I'm getting there), more sweat producing workouts.  We go three days a week.

Depending on the day I work abs and arms or legs. I always do cardio.  

So far I've lost 6 pounds, and a couple of inches.  I feel so much better.  Not a day goes by when I don't do some extra physical activity just because it's starting to feel so great (and, because then I can eat more!!)  Mostly I ride my bike to run errands.

My goal is to ride my bike to my sister's house in Westland.  (I already know I can make it to Target and back :)  ).

I still have to go get my cholesterol rechecked but I'm pretty sure I'll like the results.

 I do my workouts for God's glory.  If not for Him, I would be a lazy pile of mush.  He helps me push myself to take care of His gift that is my body.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Corpus Christi

Sunday June 10,  2012.  The feast of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We Catholics are blessed, every day if we choose, to receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus in the Eucharist.  Every day there is a Host,  Jesus, waiting for us.

Our visiting priest who, on his last day in our parish after two years with us while he attended school, gave a homily on the Body of Christ.

It moved me and so I, once again, share his words with you.

Our culture has become addicted to the passing beautiful.  Beautiful people on magazine covers and in movies.  Beautiful cars in new and fancy colors. Beautiful homes with beautiful furnishings etc.

He reminded us that America brought about the first super market.  You can find everything you want to eat in a super market.   Colors and textures abound and it is all displayed 'beautifully' so as to entice the shopper to purchase this or that item.

But is there lasting beauty in these things?

He then talked about the Eucharist:

It comes in one shape:  round.
It comes in one color: white.
It comes in one size: small.
It comes in one flavor: bland.

But, oh, what a gift we have been given by Christ in this round, white, small, bland Host.

Jesus, Himself.

A lasting gift to the world for all who have been called to the table. (That is, all of us!)

And what beauty awaits those who partake, for Jesus assures us, "He who feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood has life eternal."  John 6:54